Hi there, I'm Jeanette King

Here's a little about my Professional and Personal Background

I began studying process oriented psychology 2015 and it has been a rewarding    career where I am privileged to take people through a therapeutic process and give them an understanding, meaning and resolution around their experiences, behaviours, relationships, habits, thoughts and feelings.  

It is a wonderful thing to see people unfold complex issues and watch them grow and move through life with a greater understanding of themselves.  I use the words see people work through complex issues because it is the clients that do all the hard work and through this process they gain insight and confidence and become self-reliant and have contentment. 

Some people ask me ‘Is it hard to do this sort of work’ and my reply is always the same, maybe 5% of the time it can be difficult but the other 95% is extremely rewarding work and I love what I do.

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